Fish Processor

Competitive Wage and benefits package.  Days of work will be Monday to Thursday, 10 hr days (to a max 40 hrs/week, potentially some OT).

Main Function:

This position is responsible to the Processing Supervisor for a variety of services and procedures related to fish processing and sanitation.

Key Areas of responsibility:

  • Fish processing, packing and duties related to the preparation and loading of product for shipment to customers.
  • Performing sanitation services to the processing plant and site in general.
  • Meeting requirements and standards of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency in regards to Hazard Analyses Critical Control Points (HACCP) and QMP (Quality Management Plan).
  • Performs other duties as required.

Key skills and Competencies Required:

  • Customer focused service orientation.
  • Ability to develop and maintain effective working relationships and good public relations.
  • Committed to working in a team environment.
  • Ability to follow established operating practices and procedures and to achieve or surpass processing standards determined for quality and quantity.

Underwater ROV Operator

The ROV Operator will report directly to the outside supervisor (and secondarily the production manager). The primary role of this position is the operation and maintenance of the Company’s remotely operated underwater vehicle, along with maintaining appropriate records for all underwater inspections of nets, moorings, etc. A secondary function of this role will be Sr. Fish Tech duties, when not conducting ROV operations.

Key Areas of Responsibilities:

  • operation and maintenance of WWS’s ROV equipment in carrying out remote underwater inspections of nets, moorings, and other submerged equipment.
  • attending online training courses may be required
  • knowledge of WWS’s BAP plan, in particular with respect for frequency of inspections of underwater equipment
  • maintaining appropriate records of inspections
  • safe and knowledgeable operation of heavy equipment: crane, telehandler, winch, pumps, compressors, feed system, boats and barges
  • feeding and harvesting operations
  • pumping, grading, vaccinating and counting fish
  • conduct net and pen maintenance, including net changes
  • assisting with SCUBA diving operations for net inspection and/or maintenance and removal of mortalities
  • other duties as required

Key Skills and Competencies:

  • good hand-eye coordination
  • basic understanding of electronics
  • good spatial orientation skills
  • familiar with third party certification programs
  • excellent record keeping skills
  • good general knowledge of the husbandry of salmonids
  • ability to develop and maintain effective working relationships and good public relations
  • ability to follow established operating practices and procedures

Please call or forward a resume/application to:

Wild West Steelhead

Attn: Dean Foss

Box 190, Lucky Lake, SK S0L1Z0

Phone (306) 858 2208 Fax (306) 858 2286